Chic and Ethnic Home Décor is now easily accessible

India has always been prestigious and number one in the history of art and is still the most known. But now-days internet is a huge sensation in our lives, any brand, company, person or work that is not on the net is not known as famous or worthy. And Indian art work, especially the home decor art hasn’t yet been that popular online. is a creative and marvelous initiative for the home decor artists in India, it creates an online selling platform for the art work, which needs to seen and appreciated by all Indians plus by people all around the globe.

We all love to decorate our houses with beautiful paintings, wall hanging’s, unique carpets, show pieces OR with small things like  lights, tea coasters, baskets etc. But why do we buy it frommall’s and shops? Don’t we all want things which only our household would have? When people come visit, shouldn’t our homes show the creativity and uniqueness that we try to portray by putting lots of efforts?

Well the answer is yes. We all wish for the best and to have the best. Ordinary shopping won’t make us the best but choosing the hand-made and artistic home decor items online could give us a chance at being different i.e the best.

Now-days everyone is opting for online shopping sources, no one wants to tire themselves in shopping little things. We all know that if we want to set up our homes as we dreamed it, then we have  specific things in mind and while shopping this could take hours or days. No one in today’s busy life has so much time or money to spend on shopping. So is a very convenient way of shopping hand-made, colorful, affordable creative home decor things right from your homes, in your free time and in a comfortable way, without being on streets sweating, getting tired, frustrated or being confused where to buy what.


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It’s not just Go Green; It’s All about Being Fashionably Ethnic Queen!

A stylish and well-dressed foreigner passed by me making her way with best bargaining skills she could gather in busy yet bright streets of Colaba Causeway in the city of Mumbai.

When I said stylishly dressed and bright street of Colaba Causeway, let not the image of a girl in pencil skirt and stilettos conjure in your imagination for she dressed keeping in trend of what has been spoken about in groups of new age hippies and designer shops hitherto and now, something that is ecofriendly and chic, something elegant and cool- Ethnic Handicraft Collections from India!

For she wears a bright and multi colored skirt straight from woven fabrics of Rajasthan , lots of thick and thin, of ivory and embroidered, bangles on her wrist or with a bandhani straight from busy as bee with hums of conch shells streets of Gujarat, draped around her neck. And with an immaculately sewed bag made with an infinite perseverance by magical weavers of Assam, a state famous for its silk fabric, she looks like a lovely human without boundaries yet so Indian in her essence.

Thus, what would be that one term that describes the mood of voguish and street shoppers alike?

Ohh the aficionados of handicrafts and nature lover, isn’t ecofriendly handicraft the tag we are looking for?


Scenario in India

Some of the important hubs of the Indian handicrafts industry are Moradabad (also known as the ‘Peetalnagari’- city of brass, noted for its brass artifacts), Saharanpur (noted for its wooden artifacts), and Ferozabad (noted for its exclusive glass handicrafts), in Uttar Pradesh.

Other important handicraft producing hubs are Jaipur (famous for its exotic quilts), Bagru and Sanganer (printed textiles) and of course, Jodhpur (famous for its unique wooden and wrought iron furniture), in north western Rajasthan. Kutch (the coastal state of Gujarat) also needs a special mention because of its exotic embroidered handicrafts and Narsapur (Andhra Pradesh) famous for its lace handicrafts. These are only some of the well-known handicrafts of India, the actual list of which is practically endless.1

But what about Ecofriendly-handicrafts?

That is what fashionistas and casual dressers of today’s generation are waking up to, later but better than never.

Moreover, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent remarks on Khadi during his radio talk Mann Ki Baat, has piqued new interest in the public and thereby a surge in demand of all things ethereal and ethnic.

For Instance, there are no boundaries for creativity when you use paper to make craft. Rajalaxmi showcasing her creations at the varied and beautiful rolled newspapers and painted natural purple color to make this ecofriendly earring pair.

We bet you not wanting to miss out on those beauties, and so click on


Or, how about these wonderful eco- friendly basket to stock up all your belongings.

Its 10 inch basket with square shape gives us enough space and all above this painted with eco-friendly natural colors to change our mood and give us the brighter effect?

For stocking your belongings right now, click on




For more and exciting collections log onto for At ShopDesiNow, our aim is to be a converging point of displaying spectacular potential of talented Indian craftsmen.

Eco friendly handicrafts in India can be compared to large Forests of Gir,known,popular yet vulnerable, something that has huge potential to tap in but yet needs nurturing, conscious innovators and abundant investors who focus not only on protecting craftsmen but also carry forward the tradition with prestige, along with caring for nature and her resources.

We wish you a Nature Conscious, Chic, Stylishly And Ethnic Shopping!




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Handicraft in India

Handicraft in India has an amazing history of thousands of years. Indian handicraft is highly valued and demanded all around the world. You may come across with Indian crafts just by walking in to different shops of esotericism in Europe and other places. It has its charming, unique aspect, demanded for its long history and religious background. Furthermore, crafts of India are diverse. Every state has extraordinary influences with different base.

If you consider starting off as an artisan in India, you have a wide range of different kind of handicrafts to choose from ­ you could find your style in at least ten main direction of crafts or go for a smaller, unfamiliar kind. Going for a jewellery crafting will give you an opportunity to export your products and actually become a world­wide demanded artisan.

One of the most popular direction of crafting is definitely jewellery. The export rates of Indian jewellery is really high and you can start crafting these right away! You can find several shops online which sell supplies for jewellery handcrafting. But, only ShopDesiNow showcases not just the art but also the artists.

Here’s why you should start handicrafting today:


  • Handicrafts are high quality and unique

You can be pretty sure no one else in the whole word has something you do. The customers will definitely appreciate your goods’ uniqueness. You don’t want to run in to someone who is wearing same dress or accessories. Making your own will erase the risk. Handmade goods are high­quality unlikely to the mass production; it bases on cheap materials and quantity.


  • No seed capital

It is nothing you need to feed a lot of money into. You can come up with thousands of creative ideas to bring alive just by waste materials or old things you don’t need. I have come across with amazing ideas that you can realise just by recycling your trash ­ creating a chandelier of empty bottles, turning your old clothes to blankets­pillows. It also makes you eco­friendly.


  • Self Employment

You could be the boss of your own time while earning money. Don’t quit your job right away to become an artisan, but start it off as a hobby to spread your goods and earn some reputation ­ eventually you may earn as much to quit your job or switch to half­time work.

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One Destination for Ethnic Handmade Earrings – For chic hippies to voguish dressers

Only another day, we were passing through the wonderfully maintained streets of Juhu, watching intricately planned homes, where you come across people in their latest editions of cars, strolling with their cute and lovely puppies, and in that moment of epiphany, we realized,

Isn’t it all about status quo and feel good factor,  that we dress up elegantly?


Ohh, but wait, what about that part of your body that is a window to your persona?

Yes, your face is what we are referring to J!

If your face is a mirror to your soul and equally important, to a ‘comfortable-to-reside-in’ body,

We look at earrings as those quintessential frame to the plain glass mirror, which accentuates features of your face and makes you look lovely yet rebellious, stylish yet traditional at just the simple selection of right earrings.


But gone are those days, when a simple black stud would do for every kurti you have chosen deliberately after intense searching, or for that ‘awaited since 3 Decembers’ wedding or for that exciting date where you want to leave an everlasting impression of being confident sassy lady.


Today, the stylists of Fashion Industry, notice a positive shift in the trend of wearing Indian traditional earrings and moreover carrying it confidently, dabbling it with every simple kurti to the heavy work lehengas.


There is something about these handicraft earrings, they carry a special purpose within themselves, they have an air of a rustic sophistication around them, which after wearing is magically bestowed to the wearer.


  • What about these bright pieces of marvel handicrafted piece just to lighten your stride and make the day passionate and lovely just like Deepika –Ranveer Jodi in RamLeela? Yes, check out RamLeela set.

Ram leela set

  • e to make a statement, time to let people know that you are all about minimalism and in support for eco-friendly world.

Then , this cute set  with a small latkan as its part ,is tailor made for you.


  • What about those Golden Jhumka which goes as a must have for every ethnic style and can be used to make you look lovely, straight from terracotta art?


Happy right style statement making with our earrings !

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India has been blessed with a rich history and tradition. Since ancient Indian traditions have been carried forward from generations and have been accepted in the modern era. One such tradition of Handicrafts is widely popular, not only in India, but the rest of the world. Handicraft items, ranging from wood, metal, stone, clay, glass, bamboo to textiles, are majorly exported to different countries around the globe. These products express the idyllic Indian sense of everyday living, palace and court scenes, and socio political conditions.

The most peculiar fact of Handicrafts lies in the making of it. These items are not just an awesome piece of art, but are designed keeping in mind the history of a particular region. From the northern states of Kashmir, Rajasthan, and Gujarat, to the southern areas of Kerela and Tamil Nadu; handicrafts vary in their designs & style and reflect distinct craftsmanship. For e.g. Terracotta which involves the baking of clay into a variety of receptacles such as jars, jewellery, small utilitarian furniture is the hallmark of the states of Varanasi, Tamil Nadu, Vrindavan, Agra, and Bihar. While the art of carving wood into different types of furniture, and idols is practiced by the craftsmen of Jammu, Kashmir, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, and Karnataka.

India being one of the major suppliers of handicraft in India are key source of income for people residing in the rural areas. Giving employment opportunities to the weaker sections of the society it has been successful in contributing to the success of Indian economy. This is corroborated by the figures, as India’s handicraft exports are expected to double during the current fiscal, taking the number from the current 9000 crores to nearly 17000 crores. More so, the figure is expected to reach 24000 crores by FY 2020-21.

There are a variety of handicraft products available in the Indian market which include but are not limited to: Beaded Jewellery, Tribal jewellery, Madhubani Paintings, Phulkani Art, Warli Paintings, Cane Products, leather crafts, Indian traditional jewellery, and shell crafts.

With the demand of these products exponentially increasing, the art of handicraft in India certainly has a bright future ahead.

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